The Team

In every project I talk about "we" and the names of my team members are often changing. You may be wondering why their always different and where they come from. 

Each project is unique and each requires a different type of skill set. For this reason, I work with a large network of passionate designers, engineers, writers and business rockstars to collaborate with to make the dream team for each client. Depending on the size and scope of the project, I might work on my own, or build a tailored team to suit the project. 

(and we love having people from your own company / organization join us and learn about design thinking!)




Portraits by Sarah Deragon

Jared Gordon
Partner, Architecture

Tessa Cortes
Partner, Operations

Mikael Lindberg
Partner, Design



Eduardo Page
Senior Architect

Nina Bennett

Claribel Conroy

Caleb Romero
Senior Designer

Jamie Harris
Senior Designer

Traci Greene

Ana Nikolaidis

Michele Kovacs

Lucas Fletcher

Amir Thakur
Business Development

Santiago Roy
Business Development

Odell Tyner
Business Development

Tom Hogan
IT Manager

Angelica Erickson
Office Manager


In only 4 weeks we went from only knowing that we were going to give the victims of the typhoon financial support in the present, and a way to protect them from another future imminent disaster. I'm always up for a challenge–bring it on! 

Why was it so crazy to do this in 4 weeks? Because on day 1 we didn't know in what way we coupld ro. this meant an insurance product, a savings account or loans. Thru research and fail-fast prototyping* we quickly realized the best opportunity that would benefit both parties was a creative loan system for people to re-build the livelihoods they had lost. 


*Fail-fast prototyping is exactly what it sounds like. We test ideas in the field and hope to fail very quickly to learn from them and move on to the next one. We something works, we keep fixing the bugs by doing it slightly differently over and over and over until it works wonderfully every time and we know we have a winner.